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Integrated Primary care & Wellness Specialists located in Scottsdale, AZ

Synergy Health is one of the few sites with COVID-19 testing kits and providers availability. Only limited availability.

Please book your appointments online for Telemedicine visits.

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About Synergy Physicians


Synergy Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers patients personalized,
affordable primary care services for the whole family in a warm, supportive

Synergy Health provides primary care, wellness medicine for
the body and soul. Our providers spend extra time with each patient and
offers 24/7 direct access with telemedicine services.

Synergy provides personalized medicine customized for you and your family
more accessible and affordable.

Synergy facilitates health and wellness with countless services, including
annual physical exams, Preventive and Wellness services, weight loss,
walk-ins, sports medicine, allergy testing and treatment, physical therapy,
skincare, aesthetics, energy healing, yoga, fitness, med spa services, and
sleep therapy.

Whether you have a specific health care concern that you need to address
right now, or you want to make long-term life changes that promote your
overall wellness, Synergy Health has something for you.

To schedule an appointment, please call the office, or request a visit
online. The practice also offers walk-in, same-day appointments and 24/7
Telemedicine services.

Synergy Physicians provides a range of services to treat adults of all ages.

We focus on your well being and ensure your needs are completely met.

Some services include medication and healthcare planning.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Health Care


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