Open Enrollment Questions? Synergy Health Has Answers!

Open enrollment can be a confusing time for many families, and we would like to help as best we can as it applies to choosing the right plan and providers.  We would also like to share some information about the spectrum of services we offer at Synergy Health to that you can make the most informed decision.

When we talk with our patients, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive regarding open enrollment and our healthcare services.

What insurance plans are accepted by Synergy Health?

Synergy Health accepts most insurance plans. Your open enrollment choices may not allow for many options, so we do our best to be accommodating to the patient.  In the event that your insurance plan has not contracted for clinic based primary care or specialty services with Synergy Health, we will inform you of what portion you will be responsible for, and what partial payments will be covered by your insurer.

Accepted Insurance/Health Plans


Please note: Medicare supplement plans are accepted as secondary benefits for patients with traditional Medicare.

Medicare Advantage PPO and Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plans may be out of network. Confirmation of your "In-Network" status can be made by calling your insurance.

PPO Plans (Preferred Provider Organization Plans)

If you have questions about your insurance or not sure what insurance plan to choose from during open enrollment (which is Nov. 1 – Dec. 15, 2020), please call us at 480-372-3472 and a member of our team will be able to help you.


What is the best insurance plan for healthy families?

When looking for the best health insurance plan for your family, we recommend finding a plan that your provider is listed on, the plan that will cover your most expensive medication prescriptions (low cost medications are typically the same regardless of your plan), and the plan that is the least restrictive. 


What is Wellness, and is it covered by my insurance?

Wellness means something different to everyone. In general, this term relates to your optimal health and fitness. Some wellness services are covered by insurance and this includes consults, follow-ups, counseling, nutrition with a registered dietician, mental health, and weight management.  But it is important to note that some plans will differ on supplements, wellness programs, and some prescriptions. 


Will I be able to continue receiving care and medications if I change my insurance?

Yes, as long as the provider is still in network for your new plan insurance plan.  It is best to make sure that the new plan covers your highest cost medications and limits restrictions.


What if I don’t want to come to the office for an appointment?

We understand that during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be concerned about venturing out to see your practitioner in person. At Synergy Health, we offer same-day appointments in person and/or 24/7 telemedicine appointments. Please call 480-372-3473 to schedule an appointment, no matter which type of appointment you prefer.  


How can a doctor help me with my healthcare concerns or goals through telemedicine?

You may be surprised by this long list of common conditions treated with telehealth. At Synergy, our practitioners have participated in studies, specialty boards and peer to peer focus groups to understand how to use telemedicine with patients effectively, and types of conditions that can easily be identified and treated.

A video chat can assess a variety of symptoms where your practitioner can evaluate, diagnose and/or treat:

Remote Monitoring

In addition, there are a variety of technologies that enable our clinical team to monitor your health remotely. These technologies include:


Is there a difference with insurance plans in the event of an emergency?

Not typically, as health emergencies are processed differently by insurance companies and treated at the nearest or the preferred hospitals listed in your plan. It is also important to note that telemedicine is not for emergencies. If you or a family member is experiencing potentially life-threatening signs and symptoms, you should call 911 and not rely on a telemedicine visit. Always call for emergency medical responders for:

Coverage changes, and so do insurance plans.  Synergy Health is committed to being a helpful resource during these confusing times, and we invite you to check in with us in the event there is a change in your insurance –– so we can ensure you’ll continue to receive the care you need to live a happy and healthy life.


What is Synergy Health?

Synergy Health provides primary care, wellness medicine for the mind, body and spirit. It all started when two passionate primary care practitioners came together to approach health care a bit differently. Together they facilitate the true meaning of health and wellness by providing a wholistic approach to personalized medicine, which includes annual physical exams, preventive and wellness services, mental health, weight loss, sports medicine, allergy testing and treatment, physical therapy, skincare, aesthetics, energy healing, yoga, fitness, med spa services, and sleep therapy.

As one of the most integrated care models in the greater Phoenix metro area, the Synergy Health  approach offers unique health and wellness services focused on improving your quality of life with the broadest range of services.


How is Synergy Health different from other healthcare offices?

Synergy Health strives on the concept of healthcare as a team effort. From our practitioners and caregivers, to the patient we are trailblazing care delivery in a personalized, affordable and more accessible way.

In our model, the primary care physician designs a setting to support the physical, dietary, and mental needs of patients, with the patient experience and better outcomes as a primary focus.  Our integrated approach drives change by dismantling silos and removing barriers between primary and specialty practitioners, and integrating the entire mind, body, spirit into each individual’s care plan.

Whether you have a specific health care concern that you need to address right now, or you want to make long-term life changes that promote your overall wellness, Synergy Health has something for you.


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