COVID-19 Testing

Synergy Health offers COVID-19 testing. This service, and in accordance with our safety protocols and CDC compliance, is the first step in properly diagnosing, tracing and preventing the continuous spread of this pandemic in our communities.

COVID-19 testing is by appointment only. If you or someone you love needs to be tested, please contact us to schedule a time.

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Rapid Testing

Synergy Health uses diagnostic testing for COVID-19. The result of your test can typically be received within 24hrs, but sometimes longer if there is a high volume of testing being conducted in the community.

Before You Arrive

For the safety of all our patients and staff, you will be required to wear a mask during your appointment. When calling to schedule COVID-19 testing, we will need to walk through some initial questions to better understand your current symptoms and level of risk. We may also conduct the test outside of the clinic, so please be prepared to remain in your car if needed.

Please bring your current insurance information and let us know if you need testing before returning to work or school, as you may need to be tested a second time.

Same Day Appointments

Synergy Health can typically accommodate a same day appointment for COVID-19 testing, but please contact as soon as possible and early in the day to ensure we can accommodate your

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