Garron Hale, MD, FACOG

OB/GYN located in Scottsdale, AZ & Tucson, AZ

About Dr. Garron Hale, MD, FACOG

Dr. Hale started practice in Scottsdale, Az in July of 1971 with a specialty in women’s health. He is currently board certified in OB & GYN and a member of the American College of OB-GYN. His training was at the university hospital at the Oregon Center of Health Science in Portland, Oregon (rated in top 5 in the world for training of OB-GYN).

Since that time he has delivered thousands of infants to expectant mothers (“enough to fill a village”). He introduced fetal monitoring to Arizona upon his arrival, along with amniocentesis (when it was indicated). Since then he has continued in the service of women. By his efforts and through continuing education programs, his knowledge is up to date with the latest developments in obstetrics and gynecology.

When Dr. Hale began working in Scottsdale there was no laparoscope so he procured his own and showed it to others willing to learn the art. Currently the “scope” is being used in many other areas of medicine besides gynecology, but especially in the fields of gynecology. Currently it is used for treating infertility, cancer, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, fibroids, and many other diseases, all of these without a large incision.

He also has had extensive experience and training in vaginal surgery for bladder repair (incontinence), general pelvic reconstruction, prolapse, (“falling down and out”) of the female genital tract and hysterectomy without using an abdominal incision. In addition to his busy hospital practice, he sees many patients as a “one on one” basis for office gynecology problems such as UTI, lag. infection, painful intercourse, hormone issue, or emotional counseling. Also many problems can be solved with minor office procedures such as hormone pellet insertions, IUD, freezing of warts, etc. Dr. Hale sees each patient himself and employs no physicians assistant to do his treatment.

His interest and dedication has extended beyond the state lines of Arizona. He has traveled on several “medical missions” including Ecuador, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to treat the gynecologic problems of the people in those regions. On many occasion the women waited in line for days ahead of time to have their surgical problems treated.

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